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2003 has been an eventful year for Lodge Saint Machar No. 54. This was the year that we celebrated the 250th year since the granting of our Charter by the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1753.

To mark the occasion, at 2.30pm on the 22nd March 2003, a Special Meeting was held, at the Masonic Temple, Crown Street, Aberdeen. The Grand Lodge of Scotland undertook a Ceremony of Rededication.

About one hundred and eighty people attend the ceremony that day, Afterwards an anniversary dinner was held at the Station Hotel in Aberdeen with a hundred people attending.

It was an excellent meal, with fine company, fine wine and good speeches. In all everyone had a good time.

In Jan 2004 we will be installing a new R.W.M. and we will be having a “Ladies Night” in March. Further information will be posted.


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