Meeting Dates

    Lodge St. Machar meets every 1st and 3rd Monday of every month Sept.-  April, starting at 7.25pm, at the Masonic Temple, 85 Crown St. Aberdeen
    Here are the dates, and workings, September 2003 to April 2004.
    (Due to forces beyond our control the degrees may change).

    Sept. 1st 03, 1st.               Sept. 15th 03, 2nd.                 Oct. 6th 03, 3rd.

    Oct. 20th 03, 1st.               Nov. 3rd 03, 2nd.                     Nov. 17th 03, 3rd.

    Dec 1st 03, 1st.                 Dec 15th Annual General Meeting.

    Jan 5th 04, Installation.      Jan 19th 04, 2nd.                   Feb. 2nd 04, 3rd.

    March 1st 04, 1st.               March 15th 04, 2nd.             April 5th 04, 3rd.

    April 19th (If a local Holiday the 20th) 04 1st. Last meeting until Sept. 6th.

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