Lodge Saint Machar No 54
                         Concordia silentioque constamus
                         (By harmony and silence we agree)

Saint Machar Lodge is one of the Ancient Lodges of Scotland, but what its age may be it is not now possible to say. It stands No. 54 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and among the Lodges of Aberdeen City Province (Scotland) only Lodge of Aberdeen, No. 1ter, can claim an earlier institution. The Charter is dated 1st March 1753, but the Lodge was inexistent for some years before that time is certain. How long before that time is uncertain

The Charter is proof itself of the previous existence of the Lodge, for it states that the brethren named therein had been “in use to convene as a Lodge under the title of the Lodge of St. Machar of Old Aberdeen”, and it does not erect a new lodge but erects the Lodge as it then was into a “true and regular lodge of Free and Accepted Masons” under its former title and designations. In a minute dated 1st February 1762, a by-law passed in 1749 is referred to.

The first meeting after the Charter was granted was held in Old Aberdeen on 11th April 1753. Where the meeting as held is not clear, but in the first accounts submitted by the Treasure there is an item “peats to the fire in the Schooll 6d (six old pennies which equal about 21/2p), so it would appear that the first meeting was held in the School in Old Aberdeen.

The first recorded Master after the granting of the Charter was a John Swap, who remained in office till 27th December 1754. The first Minute declares that the Charter was produced and passed and gave entire satisfaction, that the fee formerly payable by entrants had been 5s (five old shillings which equal 25p), but to meet the expenses which have been incurred in obtaining the Charter, jewels, etc. and to meet the dues payable in the future to Grand Lodge, it should be increased to 10s (10 old shillings which equals 50p today), and that the annual dues payable by the brethren should be increased from 6d to 1s, (2.5p to 5p)

The Treasurer was instructed to get a new book with the parchment boards and to see therein a copy of the Charter and other Minutes, as the Lodge should direct. This book, marked Register Book No. 2, was got at a cost of 4s. 111/2d (24p) and is the oldest Minute that still is in the procession of the Lodge to this day.

(Extract form the book Lodge Saint Machar History and Records, which will be added to and updated) April 2003


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